Thank you for joining me. Whether you stumbled across this on accident or are visiting intentionally, I am glad you are here!

This is my first blog post, and I am very excited to be starting this journey. I began providing psychotherapy in 2014, and even prior to that, I felt strongly that helping others create healthy and happy lives has always been my vocation. I now practice in a private practice setting as well as in a recovery center and feel so fulfilled by the work that my clients and I accomplish together. I have been eager to create a blog so that even if I can’t work with you personally, I can still share some of my insights and the resources that I’ve found helpful for myself and those that I encounter in my work.

My hope is to update this blog regularly and provide tips on mental, emotional, and relational wellness, access to resources and support, and also simply to create a space for you to know that you are not alone with whatever you are feeling.

You are always encouraged to start a dialogue with me about any of the content you find on here, or just about anything else! I am open to feedback, questions, comments, or concerns. And I will always respond.




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