Therapy for Anxiety

Paralyzed by racing thoughts, difficulty focusing, worry, exhaustion, sleepless nights, fear, inability to make decisions?

Anxiety can show up in your day to day life in many ways. The distress that comes with experiencing anxiety can be overwhelming. Anxiety is an emotion that everyone will experience at some point in their life, but when it starts to take over and rule your day to day life, therapy for anxiety can offer relief and support.

During therapy for anxiety, you can gain insight into the ways anxiety has been taking control of your life and your ways of thinking and feeling. You can learn tools and skills to help manage your anxious thoughts and regain your emotional freedom.

As a therapist with specialized training in anxiety, I have experience, skills and training to help guide you toward your goals for managing your anxiety. In therapy with me, you’ll be accepted and safe, and you’ll have the space to explore and grow with someone who sees you as a whole person who deserves care and comfort.

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